Solar Farms

Solar Farm – Swansea Bay


The task was set to work alongside our client and deliver a 4mW solar farm which then linked to a hospitals private wire system (which was carried out by others)

We visited site and worked alongside the client undertaking the geological surveys and also pull testing to check the ground conditions in order to prepare for Design and Layout.
Our initial works included boundary fences,  installation of framework and survey teams using GPS to mark and flag out works including roads and substations.
For drone footage of the completed site please visit our YouTube page here.


Design and Layout

We worked alongside the clients in the design and layout of the solar farm itself including the framework solution used.




We dug out CCTV trenching and ducting. We also installed the CCTV columns onto the plinths and we installed the boards inside these giving us power for the Camera and movement sensors.

The CCTV and controls cabinet was installed within the substation giving us access from an onsite PC with remote access and links to the clients systems via a Modbus system which was commissioned by our client as part of the private wire system

Piling and Framework

After the intial works were completed we started the installation of the piles which support the framework.

Once the piling was completed the framework was installed with the panels following on behind

We made framework to span the piles to enable us to mount the inverters on.

Once this was completed the isolators were installed and the SWA cables glanded off.



The power cables were installed from substations to the inverter locations

We ran the string cables for the arrays in the designated cable containment and then dropped these cables from the containment into the inverters using Kopex

The string cables were then tested and the MC4 connectors made off ready for commissioning.

Final Works

We used a local fibre optic company to connect the fibre cables and certify

We then connected the SWA cables into the MCC and tested

For commissioning we had the framework checked and verified by the manufacturer giving us an extended warranty

We tested the irradiance levels of the panels and recorded these for the clients O&M manuals.

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